Zombie Puncher (2009)

It was October 2009.

The movie Zombieland had just released.
The Walking Dead TV series would start the following year.

It was a good time to make a zombie game.

In Zombie Puncher, you tilt (or touch) your iPhone, to bump your hero into all of the zombies. Later levels introduced new zombies, and you would have to avoid new hazards like bullets and fire.

Punching zombies rewarded you with XP.

With improved stats, you could move faster and punch harder, knocking zombies into other zombies.

New playable survivors would also get unlocked. Each hero was a friend of mine in real life, with a real photo in the character select.

You can see my in-game photo above.

I spent a lot of time updating the app with improved artwork, new survivors, new zombies and hazards.