Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006)

While I was working on a Tony Hawk game at Vicarious Visions, I was aware of other projects being developed in the office.

Vicarious Visions was developing the PlayStation Portable (PSP) version of MUA, and the plan was to make the underestimated portable version the definitive edition of the game.

The Vicarious Visions position was temporary for me, but outside of it I had a more permanent gig, building a start up company in college that made integrated websites for games.

At the time, we just had the one community for Tony Hawk.

What if I pushed for a MUA online community?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance became our second online community.
You could actually browse the site on your PSP.

The website tracked scores and stats for all of the Marvel heroes and game modes in the PSP version of the game.

I got promoted to Director of Community Management.

Now that we had two communities, I would still pop in on the forums, and help run contests and activities. Moving forward though, I was now managing teams who were supporting these sites.