Number Guesser Deluxe (2009)

My first app was tic tac toe.
My second was Number Guesser Deluxe.

What number am I thinking of?

There were different hints:

Higher or Lower
Warmer or Colder
Yes or No

There was a joke setting to win on your first guess.

Originally, the game didn’t have any graphics.

I used text forms and sliders available in Xcode.
The game used colored vector lines defined with code.

I came up with a digital clock-like font.

In updates, I overhauled the graphics of Number Guesser.

Like tic tac toe, I would strive to make the best game of its type.
This should be the best Number Guesser app available on iOS.

It didn’t get as many downloads as tic tac toe.

What I learned is that some games just perform better than others. People want tic tac toe more than they want number guesser.

You could add achievements, leaderboards, better graphics.

The people who download it will say wow, this is better than I expected. But you still won’t get as many downloads as tic tac toe.