Kenny’s App Kit for GameMaker (2015)

Kenny’s Apps has been around since 2009, and in that time I’ve explored many different paths toward wealth and happiness.

It is well documented in my Developer Blog that I enjoy writing tools.

Tools make game development easier and more fun.

What if you sold the tools that you wrote for your own games?

Kenny’s App Kit included 100+ scripts for GameMaker: Studio.

My tools were designed to do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Gamepads would be tracked and assigned to players, and gamepad button presses could be mapped to keyboard events.

Achievement and Leaderboard data would be stored for you locally, so you could earn achievements while offline.

Tilt Controls could return values in game coordinates, accounting for the current device orientation.

I made a companion demo app and documentation website.

When I graduated high school, my parents gave me a license for the Torque game engine. I did some tutorials, but college started and I never really got around to using it.

I’ve since realized that selling a game engine is selling a promise.

Do you want to make a game?
For $99+ you can become a game developer.

Then there’s middleware, assets, or tools.

You only buy Kenny’s App Kit if you actively use GameMaker, and to solve specific shortcomings that you don’t feel like solving yourself.

I think there are some incredibly strong and stable tools out there, for example on the Unity Asset Store, that are a steal, that someone put thousands of hours of work into.

Selling tools for game engines is extremely niche though, and I think it’s a difficult way to make money if you have your own business.

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