Why You Gotta Be Like That? (High School)

In high school, I made a funny game where you slap sassy school kids who say phrases like, “it’s just a cough drop”.

In 2010, I created a vampire themed reboot for iOS.

What follows is an AOL instant messenger transcript, from high school, of me explaining the game to a friend.

It’s inspired by nphs choir…

lol tell me what its about

Each “day” you get one more student, it’s programmed that occasionally some kids are absent, and they all look pretty subdued to begin with, but a timer in the game makes them jump to life after a while, doing a variety of head twirling/ bobbing maneuvers, which is when you try to click them (flog them) before they start getting sassy with a randomly chosen quote ranging from “why you gotta be like that” to “it’s just a cough drop.”

lol! you gotta give that to ms vartuli

It’s kind of addictive.  Each time one of their speech bubbles pops up with a taunt, your tolerance level goes down by one, and then when it hits zero you get the high score table to see how many kids you apprehended in the meantime.


So basically, wait for the kids to change color, then click on them before they start talking back!  You can select the speed of the game too from the title screen!