Style Lab: Jewelry Design (2009)

Style Lab: Jewelry Design was one of the last Nintendo DS games I worked on at 1st Playable, before starting Kenny’s Apps.

I made prototypes in GameMaker to test ideas, and show the game’s publisher how certain parts of the game might work.

The screenshots in this post are all from PC prototypes that I made.  They show early versions of a customer order and necklace creator.

Gelato, the name of the boutique, was our internal code name for this game.  Devs use code names to be cool, and to maintain secrecy about unannounced projects when speaking in mixed company.

The Freddi Fish code name was Plankton.

Unlike Freddi Fish, I only worked on pre-production for Gelato.
1st Playable liked having me on all the early prototypes because I was good with GameMaker.