Freddi Fish ABC (2008)

I was the lead designer of Freddi Fish ABC for Nintendo DS.

My name is at the top of the credits!

In high school, I liked to play with GameMaker for fun.

After college, I used it professionally as a rapid prototyping tool.

I made demos often by myself to test game ideas at 1st Playable, and to show the publisher how certain parts of the game might work.

This became my specialty – I was the guy making all the demos and proposals, training others in the office how to use GameMaker!

Above is a screenshot of a prototype I made with GameMaker for Freddi Fish.  It showed on PC how the “Sandy Beach” drawing minigame would work, where you draw pictures in the sand for fun.

We delivered my prototype to Humongous Entertainment, the original creators of Freddi Fish.

They loved it, drew a heart, and sent that screenshot back!