Ultimate Spider-Man 2 (2005)

When I was hired as a design co-op student at Vicarious Visions, I was originally assigned to Ultimate Spider-Man 2 for Nintendo DS.

Before starting the position, I was asked to build a test level using a 3D modeling tool called SketchUp.  I was given a game design document (GDD) and a location: Times Square.

What paths would I want Spider-Man to take?
What events might he run into?
Where could he come back to explore later?
What would be fun to play?

I was only 19.  This was my first commercial game project.
I decided to really put my heart into my test level.

It was December. I imagined a New Year’s themed level, where the ball drop in Times Square was rigged with a bomb, and thugs wanted to start the new year with a bang!

I created multiple paths, including a choice to go through a Broadway theater.  A Godzilla-like battle could take place on the stage, made to look like a small scale cityscape.

My level was never released in a Spider-Man game.

The project moved to a different studio, and I believe was released as Spider-Man Battle for New York for Nintendo DS.

On my first day of work, I was transferred to a different project:
Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam!